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Yellow Calcite Heart Carving

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Yellow Calcite Heart Carving

Add a burst of sunshine and positivity to your space with our charming Yellow Calcite Heart Carving. This delightful crystal heart is meticulously crafted to enhance your environment with its vibrant energy and soothing properties.

Genuine Material: Made from high-quality natural Yellow Calcite, known for its cheerful yellow color and healing benefits.
Heart Shape: The heart symbolizes love, warmth, and emotional well-being, amplifying the stone’s natural positive energy.
Polished Finish: Smooth and polished to perfection, providing a pleasant touch and an appealing look.
Portable Size: Compact and easy to carry, perfect for keeping in your pocket, bag, or on your desk to maintain a positive vibe throughout the day.

Mood Enhancer: Yellow Calcite is renowned for its ability to uplift the spirit, promote joy, and combat depression and lethargy.
Mental Clarity: This stone is known to enhance mental clarity, focus, and confidence, making it ideal for students and professionals.
Chakra Cleansing: Particularly effective for the solar plexus chakra, Yellow Calcite helps balance emotions and boost personal power.
Energy Amplification: It amplifies positive energies, aiding in motivation, creativity, and overall well-being.

Whether you’re using it for meditation, as a decorative piece, or as a thoughtful gift, the Yellow Calcite Heart Carving is a versatile and powerful addition to any crystal collection.

Illuminate your life with the warm, positive energy of Yellow Calcite. Order your heart carving today and experience the transformative power of this beautiful stone!


Material: Natural Yellow Calcite
Size: 39-40mm | 12-14mm thick
Weight: 27-31grams


Weight 50 g