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Orange Calcite Heart Carving

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Orange Calcite Heart Carving

Infuse your space with vibrant energy and positivity with our stunning Orange Calcite Heart Carving. This beautifully crafted piece is perfect for those looking to add a touch of natural beauty and healing energy to their lives.

โœจ Features:
High-Quality Material: Expertly carved from genuine Orange Calcite, known for its rich, sunny hues and powerful metaphysical properties.
Heart Shape: Symbolizing love, compassion, and emotional balance, the heart shape enhances the stone’s natural energies.
Smooth Finish: Polished to perfection, offering a tactile experience that is both soothing and pleasing to the eye.
Compact and Portable: Small enough to carry with you, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go positivity and energy balancing.

โœจ Benefits:
Emotional Healing: Orange Calcite is renowned for its ability to uplift the spirit, boost self-confidence, and release emotional blockages.
Energy Amplification: This stone is known to amplify positive energies, making it an excellent tool for motivation and creativity.
Chakra Activation: Orange Calcite is particularly effective in cleansing and energizing the sacral chakra, enhancing joy and vitality.

Whether you’re using it for meditation, as a decorative piece, or as a thoughtful gift, the Orange Calcite Heart Carving is a versatile and powerful addition to any crystal collection.

Elevate your environment and spirit with the warm, invigorating energy of Orange Calcite. Order yours today and embrace the transformative power of this remarkable stone!


Material: Natural Orange Calcite
Size: 39-40mm | 12-14mm thick
Weight: 27-31grams


Weight 50 g