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Discover the allure of the earth’s treasures at our premier crystal and gemstone emporium nestled in the heart of the Illawarra. Immerse yourself in a world of sparkling wonders, where each gem tells a story and every crystal holds a unique energy. From exquisite specimens to rare finds, our curated collection invites you to explore the beauty and mystique of nature’s finest creations. Whether you’re seeking healing energies, spiritual enlightenment, or simply exquisite adornments

Step into a realm of enchantment and let your senses awaken at Enlightened Emporium, your ultimate destination for all things crystal and gemstone.

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Agate Amethyst Black Obsidian Black Tourmaline Bloodstone Blue Aventurine Blue Lace Agate Carnelian Chevron Amethyst Citrine Clear Quartz Dalmatian Jasper Desert Rose Dragon Stone Gold Goldstone Green Aventurine Green Moss Agate Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Lepidolite Lodalite Morganite Moroccan Amethyst New Jade Opalite Orange Aventurine Orange Calcite Picture Jasper Purple Fluorite Rainbow Fluorite Red Coral Red Jasper Rhodonite Rhyolite Rose Quartz Selenite Smoky Quartz Sodalite Sunstone Unakite White Howlite White Jade Yellow Aventurine Yellow Calcite Yellow Crazy Lace Agate